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January 16, 2006



How georgeous is that little girl? What a cutie. She is growing so fast it is hard to believe. Joe and Shirley, I hear things are going well and just waiting now. Glad it is better for Shirley, or better than it was, and soon the new bundle will be here. Is there a blog set up? Have I missed the notification? Hope not, we are waiting down here in Fairhope to hear.

I hear the 4 month check up went well for Petrea and she was a real trooper when it came to the shots. Tough like her Papi. Yeah, right. I still get nervous about a shot. Crash a plane, get caught in a crossfire, whatever, but the idea of a needle gets me antsy.

Chris and Autumn, thanks for keeping the site going, such a wonderful way to stay up with Petrea and her changes. I know we talk by phone but this way is wonderful.

Love to you all,



2 more comments. First, on the pictures. Some are way more than dad needs to see. Ok? 'nough said. Second, what is with the picture of Petrea with the Gremlin, hood, look? I know, Chris thought it was funny. He may know why but I don't. 'splain it to me please. She doesn't look happy with herself. What was going on there?

Oh yeah, everyone does know that Autumn had her 30th Birthday last Thursday right? Just thought I would mention it in case it slipped by anyone that she turned 30.

Did I mention Autumn turned 30?

Love y'all,



Thanks for the new posts -- I've been needing a Tre update! And happy belated b'day, Autumn -- 30 is not so bad, I promise!


The picture of Petrea with the gremlin hood is a reference to Beavis and Butthead - an MTV pop culture kinda thing. It has to do with toilet paper and adolescent humor, my favorite kind!


Ok, now I am enlightened. WHo the heck are Beavis and Butthead? Sound like family members, or sons-in-law. Hmmm...

Gran & Pops

PETE !! Gran and Pops love looking at you beautiful little face. Look out world !! Did you get our little Valentine box in the mail. See you soon ! Love Gran and Pops


Yes, Gran & Pops, I got your package. Mom & Dad have tried it on me and are taking some pictures to put up. Thank you so much for the cute little hat! I am so excited and I might need it this weekend as it looks like there will be more ice in Memphis... Thank you for the valentine's day present - you know how much I like presents!

Your Sweet Petee

Gran & Pops

Petee, The Easter Bunny is coming to see you soon !!!! We love you Gran and Pops

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